Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wear: Styling your Black Abaya (collab with “Zahra’s Adventures”)

Hello everyone!
Today I’m SO excited because I’m having my first collaboration post (!!!!)

I’m collaborating with a cool loving blogger from UK, her name is Zahra. She has a blog named Zahra’s Adventures and the blog is just so complete—and also fun—about muslimah lifestyle and hijab fashion. I reaaally like reading her blog as hers is just so appealing and easy to read!

For this collab, we decided to raise a topic about how we wear one same item and style it into different looks. And this time the item is a basic black abaya.

As a common muslimah, we both wear black abaya sometime in our lifes. But because we live 11.710 kilometers away from each other, I believe we have differences on how we wear our abayas.  In Indonesia here, as you know, people tend to wear patterns and bright colors to challenge the tropic sun. It’s so fun playing with colors because we have enough natural illumination all year to intensify our clothes' details ;)

I’m really sorry I didn’t really show you my shoes because the photos was taken in a mosque. It was actually in Istiqlal, the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia (because it’s huge, so it’s also functioned as a tourism site). That’s why, I naturally just took off my shoes. But I only wore pink Pavillion shoes that match with my hijab.

So, that’s that! Lastly, if you’re curious about Zahra, just come to and stalk her in all her social medias! You can trail it in her blog, but I’ll just list those in here anyway. 

Detail Outfit:
Hijab: Thamrin City
Abaya: Pasar Grosir Cililitan
Shoes: Pavillion
Photos by Kingkin


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